Engage, increase awareness, drive flight behaviour

American Airlines wanted to improve awareness amongst its frequent flyer membership of all the great partners that offer AAdvantage Miles.

In addition, American had just merged with US Airways and wanted to motivate its membership to begin flying on the expanded network.
American also wanted to challenge its membership to increase overall flying activity during the campaign.

Based on our Audience Engagement Platform, Friendefi designed the American Airlines AAdvantage Passport Challenge, a innovative Facebook-based promotion using gamification.

The Challenge offered AAdvantage members the opportunity to earn miles for playing discovery games about the AAdvantage program, for completing valuable social sharing activities, and for flying on specific US Airways routes during the campaign.

Plus, the Challenge included a personalized flight goal for every participant. Based on their actual prior flight history, the goal provided a relevant and achievable target for all participants.

The promotion was highly successfull, generating a tremedous ROI for American Airlines and successfully increasing purchasing behavior at AAdvantage partners as well as significantly increasing flight activity.

American Airlines